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SO ECO - rPET Lens Cleaners 100ml and 30ml

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100% Natural Plant Based Cleaner in Recycled PET bottles. 


• They’re better for the planet

• They work just as well as their chemical counterparts

• They’re non-toxic


100% natural, made from plant extracts and essential oils

• Alcohol Free

• Harmless to humans and nature

• Safe on frames, lenses and coatings

• Streak Free & Anti-static

• Tested to high standards by Colts Lab USA


RPET is the short name often used for recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (PET).

PET comes from crude oil. The process of extracting crude oil from the ground is very damaging for the environment. The actual scientific process involves taking an alcohol called ethylene glycol and mixing it with terephthalic acid to produce molten PET. When this occurs, both products bond together in a process called esterification, creating a new long-chain polymer that we call PET.

RPET takes plastic that has already been created, usually plastic bottles, and chops the bottles into tiny flakes. These flakes are then melted to separate the core PET ingredient inside of the bottle. Not only is up to 50% less energy used than making PET from scratch, but by using existing bottles already created, it ensures these bottle don’t end up in landfill. It also means we can leave the planet as it is: rather than obtaining the core ingredient via the highly damaging process of crude oil primary extraction, we instead make use of a product in abundance that may otherwise have directly contributed to landfill.

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