Imperium – Myopia Management lens for iPlay frames

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Caledonian Optical is a pioneering optical lens manufacturing company based in Aberdeen, Scotland with over 40 years of experience dedicated to seamlessly blending cutting-edge solutions with a commitment to sustainability and partnership.

Imperium, our innovative myopia management lens offers an essential solution in a world where myopia affects nearly 30% of the population.

With children increasingly exposed to electronic devices from a young age, their visual health is at risk.

Imperium’s unique design not only provides clear and sharp central vision but also effectively slows down myopia progression and combats ocular elongation.

Backed by extensive research and a European clinical trial, Imperium reduces myopia progression by 39% compared to standard lenses.

Elevate your myopia management services with Imperium and ensure a brighter future for young eyes. Contact Caledonian Optical for a free trial today via or 01224 596 006



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