Anterior App

Anterior Companion App

Capture images directly or via your slit lamp adaptor and securely transfer to the AOS Anterior platform for analysis

AOS Anterior gives clinicians an important tool in assessing ocular conditions with repeatable, accurate results that eliminate inter-clinician variability. AOS’s automated intelligence enables the clinician to analysis any digital image (including smartphone) to a higher level of accuracy than today’s gold standard, providing a consistent, objective grading compared to current grading systems (CCLRU / Efron) which are affected by the clinician’s subjectivity and experience.

AOS Anterior is device agnostic allowing the import and export of images/reports from any medical device or database. The User interface (UI) has general features for use on any image, with 3 specialist modes for use on various types of anterior segment imaging.

AOS Anterior is validated to the gold standard and can be used everywhere from the practice setting to clinical research, it is also being used as an educational tool both for patients and students.



AOS Anterior image enhancing software

AOS Companion app

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Enables objective, repeatable and accurate results

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